Is studying easier now or was it easier in the past?

Student!!! We all know that the word student signifies learners but does that mean that you’ll have to be under someone everytime you want to learn something.

It’s so difficult for a student as we all know. Let us consider the students who travel across the globe for their higher studies. They have to keep their emotions aside, get along the new place, have to know the customs of the new place, work for their living and at the same time study. They’ll have to do part time job. Not 1 not 2 but as much as they can cause they could bring smile on their parent’s face and have a sigh of satisfaction after sending remittance. And along with all the hurdles they’ll have to pass the final examinations anyhow.

Same goes with the students who study in their own country. The difference is that they get to meet their relatives more often but they also have to struggle a lot.

There’s always a clear day after rain however only the rain knows how it had passed through all the thunders and lightening. In the same way only a student knows how difficult it is to pass through all the hurdles and however achieve your goal.

People say it is easier to study today as compared to 2/3 decades earlier. Is it actually true?

We have, no matter from which decade we are, have heard it from our parents that we’ve been taking everything for granted and how difficult it was for them to get the same thing. But we know the
truth right. It’s true it was difficult in the past days to get proper education but we know that the result of hard work always paid off the difficulties.

Today however increasing competition has made it very stressful to the youths to actually achieve the height of success!!